Patient Services

  • Financial and Copay Assistance

  • Assistance Refill Management

  • Medication synchronization

  • Immunizations

  • Medication administration

  • Injection training

  • Low-cost diabetic testing

  • Pain & Hormone Compounding

  • Clinical Expertise and Experience

  • Educational Links and Resources

  • Unit Dose Packaging

  • Free Shipment & Delivery

  • Free point-of-care testing

  • HIV and Hepatitis C Testing


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Enrollment Forms

Please use the following enrollment forms, as directed by your pharmacist. 

Dermatology Form


GI Form


Hepatitis B Form


Hepatitis C Form


HIV Form


Hyperlipidemia Form


Immunology Enrollment Form


Mental Health Form


Multiple Sclerosis Form


Oncology Form


Osteoporosis Enrollment Form


Rheumatology Form


TIRF Pain Management Form


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